Play Big Summer Camp

Play Big Summer Camp

Explore, play and grow all summer long. Each week focuses on a new lesson plan including S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

 Play Big is the perfect location for your little one to meet new friends while being active with their bodies and minds this summer.  Play big has 86,000 sq ft of air conditioned fun.  We have over 15 huge interactive bounce houses, arcade, glow golf, soccer pool, vr gaming systems, xbox and play station 4 systems, gaming computers and much much more.  Remember we will also be host lots of educational class that are fun and engaging.

There’s no experience like Play Big Camp. At Play Big, we inspire kids to work together and play together, creating friendships that can last a lifetime! Rooted in caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, our holistic approach works wonders, preparing kids for life, one fantastic summer at a time. Our highly-trained staff welcomes campers and helps them realize that Play big is a place where they belong and can be themselves while trying new things, building new skills and making new friends. We are here to foster their curiosity by encouraging them to expand their comfort zones in what they do, who they know and what they believe. They thrive, knowing they can relax in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.

Summer Camp Rules

Be responsible for belongings.

Be on time for all scheduled activities.

Always tell a team leader when you check in or out.

Always tell a team leader when you are going to use the bathroom.

Confine eating to lunch and snack times.

Always be courteous and cooperative.

Foul language or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

Any form of physical fighting will not be tolerated.

Play safely and use good sportsmanship.

Always stay with your team and team leader.

Be quiet during quiet time – a good rule is to rest and relax .

Take rules seriously during activity times.

Report anything wrong (e.g., broken toilet, burned out light, etc.) to the team leader.

Leave money and special items at home.

Most important of all: HAVE FUN!

Horseplay is not allowed.

Walk indoors at all times.

Running is not allowed.

Use inside voice.

Do not leave the room without team leader’s approval.

Clean up your activity area before beginning another.

All children will help at clean up time. Children must stay with the team at all times.

Children must stay with the adult they are assigned to (usually their team leader) at all times.

Children will not use bathrooms without leader’s approval.

Horseplay, fighting, and profanity will not be tolerated.

Any child experiencing behavioral problems may be excluded from the program.

If you have questions please call or text Cameron at 586-604-7541 for any question you might have.

If you would like to register please click on the link below and act fast because we are limited on how many campers we can hold each day.

Click to sign up>>>CLICK HERE<<<Click to sign up

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