Fortnite Tournament Flint Michigan

XBox one Tournament is here at Play Big in the Genesee Valley Mall. We are hold our first Tournament on the 1st weekend of February. Fortnite is alive and ready to see who will be crowned top dog. This is a weekend long tournament with a $20 buy in with a option of re-spawning back into the tourney twice at $10 each time.

NO SCUFS OR MODDED CONTROLLERS. You may bring your own headphones.
Registrations is now open and games start promptly at 12 pm on February 1st. We have space up to 200 players who will play solo matches. (Not Squads) Players score 5 points per kill and 20 points per game win. Tournament order will be randomly assigned and remember this is a winner take all tournament. If you are not playing you can come in to watch. Each Player is guaranteed at least one round of play.
Note: Winner gets half of the entry fees
Space is limited and will sell out fast. Reserve your spot today online or over the phone or in-person.
Text the word Fun to 33222 for a chance to win a free entry.
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