Virtual Reality 9D Egg

Play Big in Flint Michigan has Virtual Reality 9D eggs and is the future of technology for fun.  Our VR eggs system lets you actually move around the place in the real world and projects this movement into the virtual environment.  We have 4 VR eggs with over 50 different games to pick from.  The cost is just $5 and is super worth the experience of traveling around a crazy fun world.  Remember to book your time with the eggs or VR play rooms.


Flint Michigan Virtual Reality

Play  Big now has a state of the art Virtual Reality atmosphere. The new Oculus Quest wireless virtual reality system is now available to play at Play Big.  We will be hosting tournaments in the Flint Michigan area for various virtual reality games.  With the latest Virtual Reality equipment available, and a multitude of games to choose from, you can immerse yourself in worlds that you never thought possible.

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