Virtual Reality


Play Big has a super cool Virtual Reality play center inside the Genesee Valley Mall located in Flint Michigan.  Come book your hour play time and hang out with family and friends.  Introducing the most intuitive movement in VR arcades is Oculus Quest.  Throwing, dribbling, and swinging your way through super fun and crazy world of Virtual Reality.  Play Big has the best VR Arcade in Flint Michigan with endless worlds of play.

Beat Saber is a super fun VR rhythm game that lets you slash the beats as they come at you in all different angles.  Beat Saber is a combination of Guitar Hero and Fruit Ninja.

SuperHot is also super fun game that has enemies pouring into the room from all side with tons of bullets coming at you.

Book your grab family and friends and book your time to come and play our new VR Arcade.

Click on the picture to book your time or give us a call 586-604-7541

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